Hormone Replenishment 

Hormones done right. For the last fifteen years, we’ve been training doctors in the science of menopause medicine.

Now we’re turning our attention to you!

  • Access to our app designed around everything menopause
  • Telemedicine one-on-one consultations. No rush. Time to make this truly your program
  • Individualized Bioidentical Ovarian Hormones. Each of the hormones in customized doses, Customized for you and your body.
  • ​A Private Facebook Community Group
The Science Says…

Getting hormone replenishment right can make a world of difference. No… THE world of difference.

We always need hormones… but we produce fewer of them as we age. ALL OF US!
If you’re concerned about the safety of hormones it’s probably because of this one study (known as the WHI).
You probably never heard that the original authors completely retracted it!
Every woman is unique
Getting it just right is the key to hormonal happiness
The type of hormones matter!

What would you guess your body wants: something identical to what it produces (“bioidentical”) or something NOT identical to what it produces. Not a tough call!

How You Take Them Matters Too!

For some of the hormones there’s a big difference between swallowing them and applying them to your skin. HINT: SKIN!

What do you want your hormones in: a solvent or in an organic base? Our patented base is 100% organic and 100% solvent free.

And When You Take Them Matters Too!

Progesterone is a wonderful calmer, while Testosterone can be an energizer. Testosterone in the morning… makes sense, doesn’t it?

Who Helps You Matters Too!

Think of it: if you needed, let’s say, knee surgery, wouldn’t you want a doctor that did three knees that day? A doctor that had dedicated her life to getting good at knee surgery? We feel the same way about menopause! This is what our practitioners specialize in!

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